Tiger Tykes

Ages 4 - 6 years.
Students learn beginning karate moves along with balance, focus, self control, and personal safety (stranger danger) in a fun yet disciplined environment.


Ages 7 and up.
Along with basic karate moves, students learn to build confidence, enhance assertiveness, control aggression, improve physical fitness, and work on balance and coordination.


Purple belt and up, or by invitation only.
This level is geared towards the serious and focused student looking to improve their technique with a higher level of discipline and focus. Students in this class are serious about attaining their black belt.


Brown and black belts only.
This level is for the experienced student who wants to take their kumite skills to the highest level by learning sweeps and throws. We also practice bunkai, in which we take a kata apart, analyzing the movements and then attempt to discover all the possible applications.


Age 16 and up, all belt levels.
This class is offered to adults only.

Demonstration Team

By Sensei invitation only.
Students are asked to be part of the demonstration team wherein they perform at special events.

Tournament Team

All ages, all belt levels.
Any student may participate in the national tournament as well as some minor tournaments. Students are responsible for registration and travel fees (fundraising opportunities are available).

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